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Joe P. said:

" I needed to unlock my Motorola V195s cell phone i got from T Mobile a few years ago. T Mobile would have given me the code but I, out of ignorance, closed my T Mobile acct before getting the unlocked code. T Mobile at that point said i could not get my unlock code. After doing some searching i came across this web site and took a chance that they could get my code for me. Their price was more then fair. 12.99 and they said they have a 99 percent retrieval rate. I submitted my request Monday morning just after midnight and got my unlock code Tuesday by 12:30 pm. I was sent two codes. The first one i tried worked and now i can use my phone again. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site to a family member or friend and i would use it again if i need an unlock code. Thanks Again UNLOCKCODE4U. "

Posted: 27/05/2015 @ 06:50 am

Norbert H. said:

" I am extremely happy with my unlocked note 4. I got the unlock code super fast. It worked without a glitch. The communication is excellent.I most definitely will use it again and recommend to my friends.Thank you guys! "

Posted: 25/05/2015 @ 10:45 am

Make a Video Unlocking Your Phone and Get Cash Back

Video Promotion - Free Network Unlock Code

Make a video unlocking your phone and get 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% CASH BACK as soon as your video is published to YouTube or Vimeo.

If you are insterested read below How it works:

  1. Email us at, and tell us your phone model, and the network it is locked to. (Not all models will be eligible)
  2. We will email you back if your model and network is eligible for this promotion. You will then need to initially place your order.
  3. You need to CLEARLY film the process of:
    • Going to, finding your IMEI number, selecting the model and network of your phone and finally placing your order. (NO payment information is required on the video).
    • Getting an email with the unlock code and instructions.
    • Entering the unlock code sent to you by email into your phone.
  4. Once you complete the recording, upload the video on or and send us the link.

THAT’S IT! We will refund the amount that was agreed.


The video MUST BE CLEAR. The description and the title of the or video should be like the following example:

Video Title: How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 (your phone model) from Vodafone (network your phone is locked to) by Unlock Code -

Video Description: - I got my unlock code from

To enter the unlock code:
1. Power on your phone with a non accepted SIM card.
2. Once powered on, you will be asked for a Network Unlock Code
3. Enter the unlock code provided by us and
4. Your phone is now unlocked.
That's it! Thumps up for!

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